Sanford School District 6J is committed to performing effective evaluations of all licensed staff and adheres to the requirements set forth in law by SB191.  The District has established a 1338 Educator Effectiveness Council that annually reviews, suggests changes, and eventually approves all facets of the annual evaluation process as set forth by SB191.  Through the collaboration process, the 1338 Council, Board of Education, Administration and teachers annually set forth the measurements of student learning along with goals and measurements that will be used for the annual evaluation process.  These are carried out with fidelity and must meet the long range goals of the District as set forth in the District's 20/20 VISION.  For more information concerning SB191, please visit the Colorado Department of Education for more information:  CDE Educator Effectiveness.  You may also find specific documents pertaining to the evaluations at the following:  SB191-Educator Effectiveness.