Sanford High School students are taking a stand to educate students within our PK-12  about the harm and dangers of prescription drug use.  They have taken their message into grades 3-8 and are working on plans to make this education an ongoing annual event targeting all grades within the Sanford School.  Using research from Healthy Kids Survey given to high school students in 2017, they are targeting areas of health and wellness that show a need within the high school.  

Brady and Jackson are determined to make a difference in the lives of younger students who attend Sanford School.  They are engaged in the fight against drugs and understand that all of us have a responsibility to educate children about the dangers of misuse of prescriptions drugs.  Using there influence as successful seniors at Sanford High School, their message is well received by their younger peers.  When the younger students see Brady and Jackson, they are saying, "Wow, look at them talking to us, we too can be strong, healthy, smart kids that make good choices just like these two high school stars."  Peer to peer influence can go a long way in making smart choices.  Having an impact on younger students' choices as they grow up, is crucial to the mission of these two high school students.  They are hopeful the program they have started will endure and continue to educate younger students and assist them in making good choices when it comes to prescription drugs.