Seussical Jr.

Seussical Jr. Will be a Success at Sanford School

Sanford Drama is preparing to take the stage again. The auditions for Seussical Jr. were held on Friday, Feb 7th and over 40 students auditioned.  Emily Barton is directing the Musical, which will be performed on May 1st and 2nd at Sanford School.  “We had 40 kids between grades 3 and 12 come to auditions. Everyone who auditioned this year showed us so much talent and we saw big improvements from those who auditioned last year. We are beyond excited to share our love of storytelling with these kids and show them how to give a compelling performance.” Emily Barton said about auditions. 

After a huge success last year with Annie Jr. everyone is excited to get working on another musical. The amount of talent that the students possess is amazing. Having a theater program really helps students explore another avenue of talent they might not have known they had. This year more students will be able to help backstage along with a few high school students who will be able to have a chance to learn lights and sounds. Parents and other members of the community are great at supporting the efforts of these students. They help with costumes, props, and other technical aspects of the show.  

Seussical Jr. includes favorite Dr. Seuss characters like Cat in the Hat and Horton, but there are lots of other characters too. Over 44 books or characters are referenced in the musical. Don’t miss the musical performance and watch as your favorite Dr. Seuss characters interweave together into one wild story. 

Pictured: Director Emily Barton teaches the cast a song while Melissa Faucette plays the accompaniment on the piano.