Picking Up Student Belongings and Books

Dear Sanford School Community,

As we prepare to allow students into the building to pick up their belongings, I wanted to share some safety guidelines and suggestions that we will be using tomorrow.  First, as a parent, you may enter and pick up your child's belongings, books, and homework.  If you feel uncomfortable, entering our facility, call ahead and your student’s items will be gathered.  Arrange a pick up time through the front office and their supplies will be brought to you outside.  Second, you have been assigned a pick up time by your last name.  This time is schedule for around 25 students to enter the building over each 30-minute interval.  However, we will not be letting more than 10 people in at a time.  It should only take a couple of minutes to gather materials.  Please bring your child's backpack to place the materials in.  There are often more materials than you carry by hand. Third, it is important that your child's personal belongings, books, and materials be picked up.  If the schedule does not work for and you need a later time due to work or conflicts, please call the front office and arrange a later pick up time.  Fourth, please return all library books as you or your child come to pick up their materials.  There will be a table in each hallway, you can place library books on the table.  Fifth, please do not send students or do not enter our building yourself if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or know that you have been exposed to somebody who has the virus.  Once again, call the front office and make other arrangements.  Since teachers will be using our building, it is important that you help keep everyone safe.  Finally, the website and Teacher Pages on the website will be the hub for information from the School.  Please check them often. Teacher Pages are not accessible through our phone app, you will need to go to our website to access their pages.  

Sanford Schools appreciates your support as we deal with this pandemic and continue to educate your child.  We fully understand the difficulty this presents for you as families.  Through good communication and by partnering, your child will continue their academic progress.


Kevin C. Edgar