The purpose of our Principal's Advisory Council (PAC) is to provide an opportunity for our secondary student leaders to be seen, heard, and valued in representing the students of Sanford Junior/Senior High School. PAC's primary mission will be to promote the goals of the school through student input into those areas that impact student performance, safety and security, maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment, and addressing any other areas of concern.


  1. All members of PAC will serve for one school year concluding at the end of the school year each May.
  2. The PAC will serve in an advisory role to the principal.
  3. The PAC will meet at least once per quarter during Academic Advisement.
  4. The PAC will participate in community service projects.
  5. The PAC will submit an annual report to the principal listing the concerns that affect the majority of 7-12 students.
  6. PAC members are to refrain from making any public statements on behalf of the Principal's Advisory Council.