Welcome back! 

I’m excited to begin a new school year! The last couple of weeks have been busy with schedule changes and getting our students enrolled in concurrent courses. We have over 34 students enrolled in college courses this semester .The courses range from College English, Psychology, to Animal Science. We continue to build strong relationships with our local colleges and are able to offer more opportunities to our students. Sanford Schools will pay for 6 credits per semester for Juniors and Seniors. We offer courses through Adams State University, Trinidad State Junior College, and Colorado State University- Pueblo. I work closely with the students and colleges to ensure the courses they are taking align with their college plans.If you would like more information about concurrent courses please feel free to contact me.

This year includes big changes for seniors and parents applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). A representative from Adams State University’s Financial Aid office will be here in October to help students and parents complete the FAFSA. I will send out a letter to senior parents when I have the date finalized. Please see the information below with the new FAFSA process changes.

As a school counselor, my goal is to help every student be the best student they can be; this includes working directly with students as well as collaborating with families, staff, and outside agencies. If you feel your student needs support academically, socially, or emotionally please feel free to contact me.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your child this year!

Mrs. Kristie Duran