Dance Camp

Sanford's Smallest Dancers Shine  

Sanford had 40 new dance team members this past week. Sanford Elementary students has the opportunity every year to join the Sanford Dance Team for one week as they learn a routine to perform at a half time show. They practice for an hour every day after school to ensure they are polished and ready for their big performance.   

The Senior Dance Team members choreographed the routine that they taught the elementary kids. The program provided shirts that the students wear with pride. Dance team member Meredith Anderson said “it’s nice to see the girls enjoy dancing as much as we do. We enjoy teaching them.” 

Shauntre Mortensen, Dance Team Coach said “It is great to see the older girls serve the younger girls and teach them something they are passionate about.“ and Carla Miller, Dance Team assistant coach said “The Elementary dance week is the highlight of the year for the dance team.” said. 

It’s a fundraiser for the Sanford Dance Team to help pay for uniforms and travels costs.  

The dance team performed on Jan 31st during the half time show at the Sanford boys basketball game.