Habitats are flourishing at Sanford elementary school.  Mrs. Jennifer Workman’s 3rd grade students turned the hallway into a walking art exhibit.  

Each student chose an animal to learn about and create a habitat diorama for their animal. The exhibits ranged from under the sea to the top of the Rocky Mountains. The students love being able to use a lot of creativity to bring their ideas to life.  

Elementary principal Dena Jaminet said, “The third-grade dioramas were a well thought out project.  Ms. Workman did an excellent job of creating a project that had students work on multiple standards throughout.  The project included researching, writing and oral presentations.  The third-grade habitat dioramas were amazing.  Students were able to use their creativity to create a habitat.  It was great to talk with the students and have them explain why they chose their animal and how they created their habitats.” 

Students had to include living and non-living items and give a presentation on their animal and its habitat. The students really enjoyed it. 

The winners are pictured left to Right: Noah Crowther, Kamry Crowther, Journey Caldon, and Wesley Garcia.