School Safety at Extra-Curricular Events

Safety is and always has been a priority at Sanford Schools.  Into today’s climate, school safety is being thought about, discussed, and prepared for, far greater than at any time in our school’s history.  Safety policies and protocol are continuously reviewed and updated.  Recently we have reviewed the safety of students at after school and evening extra-curricular activities such as academic performances and athletic events.  Elementary aged students and children not supervised both inside the school and outside on school grounds is no doubt  a safety concern.  While the School supervises students that are directly involved in the extra-curricular activities, they do not provide supervision for students and children who come to the event as a spectator.   Unsupervised elementary students and children are a safety concern.  This concern has caused the District to evaluate and rethink what would keep these children safe. 

Beginning with the home basketball game, this coming Saturday, February 2, 2019 students and children will not be allowed to leave the school facility to go outside and play during extra-curricular and athletic events.  Parents will be expected to supervise their children.  Children playing in hallways, cafeteria, and bathrooms, will be directed to their parents for proper supervision. Students or children who leave the facility to go outside will not be allowed back into the event.   Elementary students are not to be dropped off at events unsupervised and then picked up later.  If you are not able to supervise them, please do not drop them off. 

While we all would like to believe that nothing harmful could possibly happen to our children within our Sanford community, it is necessary to implement the above new safety protocol.  Please assist us in following this request and keeping our school a safe place for all.  Thank you.