Dear Sanford Schools Community,

The District COVID Taskforce held a meeting today to discuss the increasing rate of COVID in our school and community.  We feel it is very important to the education of students that we continue with in-person learning on Monday, January 24.  However, to decrease the spread of COVID in the school we are requesting that students and staff wear a mask in classrooms and hallways until this COVID surge subsides.  This is not a mandate, rather a request.  For those who will remain home due to exposure and quarantine, daily homework will be placed in your google classroom.  There will not be any zoom or online instruction.  We encourage parents to keep students home, through the quarantine period, if they have been exposed or are not feeling well.  Once again, the wearing of masks is temporary until COVID rates begin to decrease in the school and community.  Thank you for your assistance in keeping our students in school.


Sanford Schools Task Force