Dear Sanford School Community,

We began school this year with fewer COVID restrictions than last school year and we hoped that our school year would be completely normal.  However, the Delta Variant is not cooperating.  This variant of COVID-19 is more easily transmitted when compared to the COVID virus we dealt with last year.  Although we are doing everything to keep the school year as normal as possible, we need your help.  The only way that we will be able to remain in-person, without continual disruptions, is if students remain home when they are having any COVID symptoms.  We are learning that this variant can start off with minor symptoms for a couple of days before the person then becomes very symptomatic and ill.  Because this variant is highly contagious, it is vital that as parents you screen your children daily before sending them to school. If you have any doubts, call the school, and request a free COVID-19 test.  This test is very simple, and the cotton swap swipes just inside the nostril and is not uncomfortable or intrusive at all.  Results are within 5 minutes and are 98+% reliable.  Students showing symptoms or sickness at school will be sent home and must remain home for 24 hours symptom-free.  If the sickness or symptoms continue and the student misses three or more days, then the school will need a doctor’s note stating that the student does not have COVID-19, or you may have your child tested to verify the sickness is not COVID.  Once again, the school is willing to test for free.  Students must be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school from any sickness.  By following this protocol, the school hopes to keep COVID out of our building and students in person.  We apologize that we are still having to deal with COVID.  We are under the direction of Conejos County Public Health and must follow all mandates and requirements if we are to stay in person.  Please help us stay in person by screening your child each morning before school and by keeping your child home if they are ill, not feeling well, have any symptoms associated with COVID, or if there is someone in the family that has COVID.  We appreciate your support and partnership as we educate your child during this pandemic.

Thank you,

Kevin Edgar