Mascot Listening Session

Dear Sanford School Community,

As you are aware, beginning July 1, 2021, legislation concerning Indian mascots became law.  Sanford Schools will no longer be able to be the Indians.  As far as I can find in history, Sanford School has always been the Indians.  Some say we were once the Sanford Giants, but I have learned the school was never the Giants.  Rather the Giants were a semi-pro team from Sanford that traveled all over playing other semi-pro teams.  It saddens me that we can no longer be the Indians.  I truly feel that being a Sanford Indian was honorable and no harm to Native Americans was ever intended.  Beginning July 1, 2022, we will be fined $25,000 per month for any Indian mascot displayed in our school, on our campus, on buses, scoreboards, and uniforms. 

It is time to start the process of choosing a new mascot.  A Mascot Committee will hold a community listening session on Thursday, August 19 from 6:00 -7:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. The purpose of the meeting is not to debate or discuss the reasons why we can longer be the Sanford Indians.  Rather, the purpose of this listening session is to suggest a possible new mascot for the school.  The suggestion should also be followed by why this mascot would be appropriate for our school community. 

During the first full week of school, students will also be involved in listening sessions with student committee representatives.  Once listening sessions are completed with all groups, the committee will meet and discuss the suggested mascots.  The committee will then narrow the choices down to three.  A second listening session will be held with all groups discussing the three choices of mascots.  The committee will meet once more to come to a final mascot recommendation.  The recommendation will be made to the Board of Education.  The BOE will approve or disapprove the recommendation. 

Please assist us in making the right choice for our future mascot.  Your ideas are welcomed.


Kevin Edgar