Sanford Schools Board of Education

Sanford Schools Recognize Board of Education


School board members demonstrate extraordinary dedication to our schools.  Often school board members are busy people involved in their own business and lives, yet willing to sacrifice time and energy to devote themselves to making our schools better.  This is exactly what is happening at Sanford Schools.  Board members include Marlene Crowther, Logan Larsen, Austin Miller, Tom Stewart, and Jessica Willett.  Much of the school community does not understand the commitment and dedication these individuals have put forth over the years.


Tom Stewart has been a long time Sanford School Board member and is currently serving in his fifth term with 20 years of service. Twice Tom took a four-year break, as he was term-limited, before returning to serve the Sanford School.  It is no wonder that Tom feels deeply dedicated to his Alma Mater.  His father Ray Stewart served on the Sanford School board for many years while Tom was a student at the school.  Tom feels that service to your community is very important and good people with good intentions are always needed.  Tom has served on various local and regional boards.   


Another longtime associate of the Sanford School District is Marlene Crowther.  Marlene is currently serving as Secretary to the Board of Education.  This past November, she was awarded the McGuffey award by her fellow board members and the Colorado Association of School Boards.  Marlene has dedicated most of her life to the service of Sanford Schools.  She began working for the school in 1969, worked a year, and then left to start her family.  She returned to the District four years later and worked for the school until she retired in 2011.  During her employment for the school, she worked as a physical education teacher, counselor, and business teacher but spent most of her career as the District Bookkeeper.  Following her retirement in 2011, Marlene ran for an available two-year term.  She has been with the Board since that time.  It is joked, that she retired, but never really left the District. 


Other board members serving on the Sanford School Board include Logan Larsen, vice president, Jessica Willett treasurer, and Austin Miller as the BOCES and CASB legislative representative.  This is a great Board and group of individuals to work with, stated superintendent Kevin Edgar.  They are very dedicated, thoughtful, honest in their approach, and want what is best for the students, staff, and community.  I am fortunate to be led by this team of individuals. 

Most do not realize how a school board can really make a difference.  When rumors start emerging, it is often a board member that is contacted first, and often they deal with an issue that does not have all of the facts.  It takes patience and dedication to sort through everything.  Too often, these efforts go unrecognized by the community.  Board members volunteer their time to tend to board business, which helps their school children thrive and fulfill their potential.  Our entire community benefits from their personal sacrifices and countless hours.  January is National School Board month.  Take a moment to say thank you to your school board members.