Emergency Remote Learning Packet

November 17, 2020

Dear Parents,

Typically the school district sets aside one day in the calendar as a snow day which students do not have to attend school or participate in any type of academic learning.  We used that snow day in September.   As you may recall, we had quite a bit of snow on October 26th which prevented us from attending school that day.  The administration decided that it would be better to use that day as a remote learning day than to have students make up the day at a later date.

That last “snow day” that was deemed a remote learning day left the teachers, parents and students in a little bit of a challenging situation.  Students did not have devices, materials, or assignments.  The teachers made it work by providing an email with the day’s assignments attached. 

Since we do not have any more snow days allotted for the year and we have not yet entered the winter months, we felt it necessary to provide the students with an Emergency Remote Learning Packet.  This packet is to be used ONLY in the event of an emergency closure.  We will use the packet to continue the learning for students and count the day as a remote learning day so that we do not have to make up the day. 

Please keep the packet your child is bringing home today in a safe place so it can be used if an emergency closure arises.  Please do not throw away the packet.  Please do not allow your child to do the packet early.  These assignments are to be completed on a remote learning day ONLY. 

Thank you for continuing to support your child(ren) with their education.  If you have questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Jaminet at 719-274-5167 or 719-298-8786. 


Dena Jaminet

Sanford Elementary Principal