Dear Sanford Community,

Since moving to remote instruction for grades 7-12, we have been working closely with local and state public health to ensure that we are keeping our students safe.  Yesterday evening, I was informed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that our original quarantine timeline was not sufficient.  I have learned that isolation is 10 days from the onset of symptoms.  This is regards to a person who contracts COVID-19.  For those who are only exposed, the quarantine timeline is 14 days.  Since our original timeline for remote learning was only 10 days we will be extending this to meet the 14-day requirement.  Grades 7-12 will remain in remote learning through Wednesday, October 7.  In-person learning for grades 7-12 will resume Thursday, October 8.

Preschool will resume on Monday, October 5.  Through further investigation, we have learned that preschool was not exposed to COVID-19.  

I realize this may be very confusing and difficult to understand.  Please know that we want nothing more than to have our students in-person in our school learning.  During this pandemic, it is difficult to understand all of the requirements and regulations that have been placed upon us.  We are doing our best to educate our students and keep them safe.  I know there are many questions around protocols for schools during COVID-19.  To assist in answering your questions, here is the link to the CDPHE requirements for schools regarding COVID-19:   COVID-19 Guidance for Schools

I want to thank our teachers for the great job they are doing with remote learning.  I have heard many comments from parents about how much better the remote learning is now as compared to last Spring.  Our teachers have worked very hard to prepare for remote learning and are doing a great job!  This pandemic has made it very difficult for schools to continue in any normal fashion.  However, because of our great staff, students' education is continuing.  We look forward to grades 7-12 returning Thursday, October 8 for in-person instruction.  Please continue to monitor your children for symptoms of COVID-19 and report any suspect cases to our school nurse, Michell Vannoy. 


Kevin Edgar