COVID-19 Update

Dear School Community,

I want to thank you for your efforts in keeping our school healthy.  We have nearly completed four weeks of instruction without a cohort being quarantined.  I contribute this to the many things that are being done both in the home and at school.  Parents, you have done a fantastic job in screening your children each day for both a fever and symptoms that are associated with COVID-19.  Thank you, your time and effort is paying off.  You have also been great at keeping your children home who may have other illnesses that have similar symptoms to COVID-19.   Because of your great efforts, the school will no longer be temperature screening students as they enter the building each morning.  We have yet to find a student with a fever showing up to school.  Thank you once again for keeping us all healthy.  Keep up the daily screenings.  Working together is working.  Thank you!


Kevin  Edgar