Return to School Plan 2020-2021

Dear Sanford Schools Community:

I hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors and staying healthy.  I am pleased to announce that Sanford Schools is preparing for your children to return to school on August 24 with in-person instruction Monday through Thursday.  The requirements for returning to school are under the direction of the Governor, CDC, CDPHE, and local county health officials.  Although we have carefully planned the safe return for students and staff, those over us may require changes to our plans. As we get closer to school starting, our plans may require updates and changes.  Changes might also occur during the school year as we respond to new orders or mandates from the state.  We want you to know we feel strongly that students need to return to school.  We truly believe returning to a structured educational environment with in-person learning is beneficial to their education as well as their social and emotional wellbeing.  To help answer some of your questions concerning what the school day will look like when students and staff return, we are providing the following information.  Please know that the health and safety of students and staff is a priority.  If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.   Below is a quick overview of our return to school plan.  The entire plan can be found by clicking on the following link:  Sanford School District 6-J Plan 2020-2021 School Year 

  • Each day will start with temperature checks as students enter into one of four assigned school entries.
  • Elementary students will report to their classrooms where breakfast will be awaiting them.
  • Elementary students will remain with their classmates/cohort for the entire day but will continue to have specials such as music and P.E.
  • Elementary recess will continue with individual classes taking their recess at different times. 
  • Lunch and breakfast will be offered to elementary in their individual classrooms.
  • Our Governor has mandated face coverings at this time.  Elementary students will need to wear a mask while entering the school and the hallways or common areas.  Grades K-5 may remove their masks once they are in their classroom.  Grade six will continue to wear masks in the classroom but will have several “mask breaks” during the day.  Once face coverings are no longer mandated, face coverings will be optional.
  • Jr. High and High School will each be their own cohort.
  • Within classrooms, students will practice social distancing to the extent our rooms allow.  Please know that our rooms are not big enough for six feet spacing. Students will be seated as spacing allows. 
  • Masks currently are mandated by our Governor.  Jr. High and High School students will wear masks at all times while in the school building however, “mask breaks” will be scheduled several times throughout the day.
  • Jr High and High School will remain an open campus.  Breakfast will be offered as a “grab-and-go” from the cafeteria and taken to a first-hour classroom.   Lunch will be provided with appropriate spacing in the cafeteria, outside, or gymnasium for students who remain on campus for lunch.  Of course, masks will not be required while consuming food.  Once face coverings are no longer mandated, face coverings will be optional.
  •   All visitors entering the building will be required to wear a mask and will have their temperature checked before entering the main school hallway.  If it is not necessary for a parent or visitor to be in our hallways, they will be asked to wait for their child in the front foyer.
  • Routine hand washing, hand sanitizing, and cleaning of rooms will be part of the school day.
  • All students will need to bring a water bottle filled and ready for the school day.  Bottles may be refilled within classrooms and water fountains. We are discouraging drinking directly from the fountains.
  • If an outbreak of COVID-19 occurs, the following protocols are in place
    • Follow the CDC and local health officials’ recommendations.
    • Close down for 72 hours and thoroughly disinfect the entire school.
    • Continue in-person instruction for those cohorts, not in contact with the COVID-19 affected person.
    • For those quarantined for fourteen days, continue learning for students with an online/remote learning option.
    • Return students to school as soon as possible and safe to do so.
  • Our school building is now seven years old, but it is a much healthier building than in the past.  Our automated HVAC system brings fresh air from outside into all spaces during occupation.  This provides a much healthier and safer environment for everyone.
  • For those parents who have students who may have health issues and are concerned about returning to in-person learning, please call the school and arrange for online learning through the school. 

To make our upcoming school year safe and continue with in-person instruction, we are requesting that parents and families partner with us to keep our school in session by doing the following:

  • Know and watch for the symptoms of COVID-19  CDC Symptoms of COVID-19
  • Take your child’s temperature before sending them to school or placing them on the bus.
  • Keep your child home if they are sick and do not return them to school until they are healthy.
  • If you have a concern that your child or someone in your family may have COVID-19, please get them tested, keep your children home until you know they are healthy, and follow health officials’ guidance.

Sanford Schools is looking forward to a great school year with students inside our building learning from our outstanding teachers.  Keeping everyone safe is our priority and it will take all of us to do so.  If you have questions or concerns, please call the school and visit with us. Stay current with changes on our website and social media. Enjoy the final days of Summer Break.

See you soon,

Kevin Edgar