Sanford is Still Strong

Sanford School is Still Strong!  

Sanford School District is doing its best continue to provide the best possible education to its students in these difficult times. Many teachers in the upper level grades are still meeting via conference style apps and doing all online work. 

However, for the younger grades where hands on learning is still very important, Sanford Schools has found a way to minimize risk to those students picking up packets. 

The cafetieria tables are still set up, but instead of serving lunches, they now serve packets of school assignments. 

Each table is divided by grade and teachers. Each student has their own spot to pick up their work or return any work that needs turned in. The pick-up day is divided up into time slots by last name.  Families are encouraged to have their students pick up their supplies and be out of the building within five minutes.  

Technology is still very important, and Sanford is doing its best to continue to provide quality technology to its students. Mitch Miller, Sanford’s IT Director, is still as busy as ever.  Since Sanford School has a 1 to 1 technology program for all students third grade and up, each of those students were able to take home an iPad or laptop to continue their schoolwork 

This has helped students connect with teachers daily. Many teachers are recording themselves reading, giving lessons, and short messages. The school has put together messages from the staff members and teachers and posted it on the school's website and YouTube channel.