Cruisin' Away The Blues

Cruisin’ Away the Blues 

Sanford School teacher Leann Gartrell and her children were missing social interaction, so she came up with a perfect way to spend a Thursday evening. The Sanford community pulled together and did an old school cruise night by dragging Sanford's Main Street on April 2nd.  Cars, trucks, and other vehicles drove along Main Street and around the football field which had been lit up. Everyone enjoyed seeing friends while still maintaining social distancing. It was so fun that Sanford did it again. Thursday, April 16th, the Main Street was packed again. Over 70 vehicles, a motorcycle, a few horses, about 7 tractors, and a couple snow cats, showed up and participated in the fun.  It was a throwback to older days and many people recalled when they use to ‘cruise main’ and how it was big part of their social life. Many kids from the younger generations have never done this and it was fun for them to enjoy this time out of their house and connecting with their friends again. Leann said “I was thinking back to the day when we use to cruise main and how that was our entertainment. Then the thought came to me that this was something our kids could do right now without breaking any social distancing rules. I decided to throw it out there and see who all would be interested and the response was great. Mostly because kids are looking for a way to be with friends right now and have that social interaction they are missing out on and this is one way we can do it.” The superintendent (Kevin Edgar), elementary principal (Dena Jaminet), teachers, students, school board and community members and even Sanford alumni from other towns showed up. The cars honking and people shouting hello’s to each other really livened up the town.

This has been a great way for the town to come together and show its love and solidarity at this difficult time.