Career fair

Sanford Students Look into the future at Career Fair
About 30 students from Sanford Schools were able to attend a career fair at Centauri. They were able to discuss with lots of different individuals in different careers as well as meet representatives from different colleges and trade schools.  

Wyatt DePriest said “The career fair was great I learned about new opportunities. I also learned how important school is. I found out about new opportunities to become active and create a future in a career I want. I also learned about skills I need to be successful in life with.”

When it came to meeting with different colleges Thomas Faucette stated “I appreciated the representative from WyoTech. She presented their school in a take it or leave it strategy.”

Students were able to learn about careers and businesses they may not have thought of before. Sarah Hankins said, “I like how Xcel tried to relate their demonstration to everyone’s life.”

14 students attended and they all had an enjoyable time. The students look forward to this career fair every year.  Sanford Schools will be hosting a Career Fair later this month for elementary students.

Students Pictured Left to Right:
Ruben Chavez-Vargas, Thomas Faucette, Trent Koenig, James Reed are speaking to WyoTech representative.