Recognizing Our Board of Education

The month of January is designated as School Board Appreciation Month.  Our Board of Education is busy ensuring that the students who choose to come to Sanford School receive the best education possible with the given the resources available.  They believe the education of our children is vital to their future.  It is this education that establishes the foundation upon which dreams are made.  Each Board member shares a commitment to serve by investing many hours of volunteer labor to help ensure that your children are given the opportunity to excel through their education.  In a proclamation by the State of Colorado it states, "It takes extraordinary people who tackle the enormous job of governing our school district and whose actions and decisions help impact the the present and future lives of young Coloradans."  Thank you Sanford Board of Education for your hours of continued commitment to our students, staff, and community.  Your service is greatly admired and appreciated.  

When asked, why they choose to serve in this capacity, Board members stated the following:

Tom Stewart-President

I enjoy serving on the Board. If you do not work to be part of the solution you may be part of the problem. I hope we can continue to improve the way we educate our youth and fairly compensate our Staff and Administration.

Logan Larsen-Vice President                                                                                                    I enjoy being a board member because I feel like I am able to be a part of the best school in the world,Sanford Schools.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with others that give it their all and to see all the hard work that the kids, faculty and administration put forth on a daily basis. Listening to all the success stories make me proud to be a part of such a great district. 

I feel it is important to serve because those involved deserve our support and if we can't give them our support then we can't expect greatness from them. It is a whole team effort and the board is a small but necessary part of that team.  One goal I have is to try to get every individual in the district the opportunity that they need for their goals to be accomplished.

Marlene Crowther-Secretary                                                                                                       I feel very honored to serve on the Sanford Schools Board of Education.  I have been involved with our school either as a student, employee or board member for most of my life.  I feel I have an extensive background in the workings of our school.  One of my goals as a board member is to provide opportunities for our students with choices to further their eventual careers.

Jessica Willett-Treasurer

I enjoy the opportunity to serve on the Board of Education and for the ability to actively engage in our children’s education. 

Austin Miller-BOCES & Legislative Rep.                                                                                  It's important to me to be involved in my community to help our children have a great experience in our school and prepare themselves for their future.