Pick-up/Drop-off Zone

Sanford School Community,

The School District has been working with the Town’s Grant Committee on some exciting changes that will start during Spring Break.  The Town’s Grant Committee has obtained a grant to put a sidewalk and drainage swell in across from the school on the east side of 2nd Street.  Once school is dismissed for the school year, the road will also be redone with new and improved asphalt. 

Next week, during Spring Break, a construction company will be working to install the drainage swell.  Although we do not anticipate the road in front of the school to be closed, it could happen for short periods of time as construction takes place.  The drainage swell should be done by the end of Spring Break.  The sidewalk construction will begin on March 27th.  We are working closely with the construction company to allow the continuation of traffic during school hours while they are installing the sidewalk.  However, these improved changes will also bring some changes to student drop-off and pick-up. 

The drainage swell and new sidewalk will narrow the road.  No parking can take place across from where the route buses pull out onto 2nd Street.  They will need all this room to turn onto 2nd Street safely.  This will also narrow the width of the road itself, lending it to a narrower one-way street, as the prior design had intended.  There will be no room for cars to pass other cars that are waiting to pull into the student drop-off/pick-up zone.  In order to keep everyone safe and use the road and zone as intended, the following changes will need to be followed:

  • All vehicles pulling into the student drop-off/pick-up zone need to pull as far forward around the horseshoe as possible.  Students can utilize the sidewalks to safely to access their ride.  Once a vehicle pulls out of the zone, all cars need to pull forward and fill the space ahead.  This will allow vehicles to pull into the zone and keep traffic moving as designed.
  • Until the sidewalk is completed, there will be no parking on the east side of the road.
  • Please do not stop or park on the one-way street (2nd Street).
  • If the pick-up/drop-off zone is full, please continue around the block again until there is room in the zone.

Once the sidewalk is completed, parking may resume on the east side of 2nd Street.  In fact, if the pick-up/drop-off is full, you may pull into an available parking space on the east side of 2nd Street, and your child/children can cross 2nd Street in the crosswalk to the new sidewalk and then to your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping students safe during the morning drop-off and after-school pick-up.


Kevin Edgar